Rustic Weddings

Rustic weddings are popular and often consist of an outside ceremony or the meal itself being set outside.  Do think about the wedding before you use this idea. Fresh greenery and sacking are a good idea.

Vintage Weddings

If you want a vintage theme, browse through picture galleries for ideas from floral arrangements to wedding cars.  Save pictures to your scrapbook.  Lanterns and vases also bring a vintage look.

Glamorous Weddings

A wedding is a wonderful time to go for glamour if that’s what you like.  Beautiful invitations for hand delivery is lovely, the more formal the invitation the more your guests get a clue to the formality of the occasion.  You wouldn’t go with hessian with a glamorous wedding but rather silk and satin and sparkly things.

Autumn Weddings

Rich oranges, browns and golds are perfect for an autumn themed wedding, which form reminders of falling autumn leaves . If your wedding theme is inspired by autumn, consider the colours of the leaves and trees.   Keep all your favourite autumn wedding ideas together, but remember for your guests’ sakes that the temperature drops in the evening.  A roaring fire would be wonderful if possible

Wedding flowers aren’t so plentiful in Autumn however, so you need to do research when selecting an Autumn date.  Get creative here!  Gorgeous natural foliage and temperate weather make for great Autumn weddings

Colourful Weddings

If you are going for a colourful wedding, do it right from the beginning with your invitations!You   Bright colours, streamers, fun posters, brightly coloured floral bouquets everywhere, even balloons!